Redbox…a wonderful option for DVD rental

I rarely get to sit down and watch grown up movie anymore and going to the movie theater is insanely expensive. So when I figured out this Redboox thing I was very excited. It is reasonably priced- only $1.50/day, releases new/newish movies every Tuesday and has a good amount of locations in our area. They carry a few children’s movies every month and my husband and I can usually find movies we will both enjoy. I truly appreciate that I can return the movies to ANY Redbox kiosk. The downside is the number of times I overpay for movies because I fail to return them the following day and the fact that I all too often get a movie that I never find the time to sit down to watch the DVD. I drive myself (and my husband) crazy when I do this.

Now here is what I truly love about it- you can sign up for texts, emails, the app and visit the website for phenomenal discounts and freebies all month long. There have been times when we rented four times in a month and would’ve paid nothing had I returned the DVDs on time. The other thing I have been impressed with is their customer service in regards to scratched, unviewable, wrong, or missing DVDs. They have easily refunded the rental and explained what to do with the movies upon return. After calling or contacting customer service online you simply return the movie at the kiosk and report the problem. It is VERY easy.

Redbox also carries video games and while my husband has taken advantage of that once or twice and we have rented a game or two for our children, we don’t know much about their selection or quality.

I prefer Redbox to Netflix when it comes to watching movies. Our families do not watch movies on our tablets or phones nor do we have the need to watch specific movies on multiple TV’s in our home. The cost of all the services they offer simply doesn’t work for us. We still keep a low cost plan ($4.99/mo) with Netflix because I do occasionally enjoy downloading a movie on our Wii for the kids or especially when we have overnight guests. The fact that it is instantly available to us on those occasions is wonderful. My main concern with Netflix is that I don’t like the mandatory monthly charge regardless of whether we rent or not. I can see how this option is beneficial to families who rent often. I’m sure it saves them a TON of money. We prefer the one time charge with Redbox.

How about you and your household? Do you rent movies or video games often? What resources do you use and how do you feel about the different options?        


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